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The Corrupt U.S. Financial System: The Truth Hurts - And Heals
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The Corrupt U.S. Financial System: The Truth Hurts - And Heals
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The Corrupt U.S. Financial System: The Truth Hurts - And Heals
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California - Let It Fall Apart
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The BBC and Climate Change - A Triple Betrayal
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Uncommon Knowledge-The Left's Hatred of Diversity

The Hoover Institute's Peter Robinson speaks with Jonah Goldberg, author of Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, and founding editor of the National Review Online, about the key differences between conservatives and liberals.

Occupy Wall Street protesters turned their wrath on America's bankers and corporations. But is Wall Street a paradigm of selfishness and greed just as addicted to Socialism as the ignorant OWS rabble?
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Demographic Winter: Decline of the Human Family

The West and Japan are headed toward a demographic winter. The effects will be severe and long lasting and are already becoming manifest. The skyrocketing ratio of old retirees to young workers will render current-day social security systems completely unable to support the aging population.
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Truth, Lies and Afghanistan

by Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis for Armed Forces Journal (reprinted in its entirety)

In all of the places I visited, the tactical situation was bad to abysmal. How many more men must die in support of a mission... more

Europe in the Rearview Mirrorexternal

by Victor Davis Hanson for Pajamas Media

As Greece implodes, as southern Europe goes into default mode, and as the entire European Union totters, America should... more

Mark Steyn: An upside-down family treeexternal

by Mark Steyn for the Orange County Register

Japan, Germany and Russia are already in net population decline. Fifty percent of Japanese women born in the Seventies... more

Can Europe Save the Euro—and Itself?external

by Tom Buerkle for Institutional Investor

As Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and other leaders sat around a giant oval meeting table... more

The Corruption of Americaexternal

by by Porter Stansberry - Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

America is in a steep decline. The problem is rooted in the corrupt belief that you can live at the expense of your neighbor...that... more

The BBC and Climate Change - A Triple Betrayalexternal

by Christopher Booker for The Global Warming Policy Foundation

“Above all, the BBC has been guilty of abusing the trust of its audience, and of all those compelled to pay for... more

The Obama Failure

by Paul S. Hanway, Jr. for The International Chronicles

It is obvious that the President and Senate leaders want not only to continue the spending for expansion of government,... more

The Age of the Citizen Imbecile

by Christopher A. Recouso for The International Chronicles

In the U.S. the common voter does not know one scintilla of U.S. history, U.S. historical context, philosophical underpinnings... more

Post-Soviet Domestic and Foreign Challenges

by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz for The International Chronicles
Edited by Alexander Ackley

The most urgent preoccupation of Russia's new political class is to climb on to the European Union gravy train, which promises... more

Italian Fall

by David Böhm in Rome and Tom Goeller in Berlin for The International Chronicles

Since the "European Union" has de facto assumed power in Italy, it doesn't come as a surprise that the most powerful forces... more

The Corrupt U.S. Financial System: The Truth Hurts - And Healsexternal

by Charles Hugh Smith for oftwominds (reprinted in its entirety)

There is a system of government in which rule of law is merely a propaganda screen, where financial and political Elites... more

Syrian Winter

by Moshe Ben Yitzhak for The International Chronicles

Iran is not going to willingly part with Assad, despite official Shi’a condemnation of the Alawite sect as heretical.Support... more

Gutting the Military: Loomimg cuts mean U.S. retreat

by Peter Brookes for The International Chronicles

More hacking away at the Pentagon budget could leave the U.S. military a mere shadow of what it once was -- in just a decade's... more

Occupy Wall Street is "The Rotten Fruit of Obamaism": 2012=1968?

by John Heilemann for New York Magazine

In the beginning, the idea that what became Occupy Wall Street would amount to much at all, let alone become... more


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